Welcome to Patient Data Exchange (PDX)

PDX is an organisation, modelled around social enterprise, with a mandate of driving interoperability within the healthcare sector. We believe that when stakeholders collaborate, we can achieve the quality universal care for all.

Our History

PDX was established in 2015. We have the audacity to believe that quality universal care in Africa is possible. While the road maybe long and perilous , it's not impossible. Technology is a tool that can be leveraged to achieve economies of scale required. Join us to find out how we can partner.

Universal Access
Last Mile
Better Patient Outcome

We link you to the best ...

Health Insurance Agents

PDX world closely with Bima Intermediaries Association of Kenya (BIAK) to help drive value directly to the patients through their preferred agents. This channel model allows for scale required to reach as many underserved communities as possible

Home Nursing Services

PDX has partnered with various nursing homes especially in underserved communities to provide details of facilities providing care to the elderly.




Medical Specialists

PDX is committed to fostering interoperability among Hospitals and Clinics to help drive health costs. No need for duplicative laboratory tests, reduced preventable readmissions and reduced duplicative consults.



Nearest Hospitals

PDX provides a comprehensive list of hospitals closest to the patient. Each hospital has summary reviews from fellow patients.




Nearest Pharmacies

PDX has partnered with strategic pharmaceutical distributors to provide quality and certified generic drugs. This will both reduce the cost of prescriptions in addition to making them available due to an enhanced supply chain


Contact us

Patients Data Exchange (PDX)
Nairobi. Kenya

Phone: +254 746 508 691

Email: info@pdx.co.ke
Web: www.pdx.co.ke

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