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Patient Data Exchange (PDX) is a social enterprise which, seeks to empower the patient with data that concerns them. It looks to normalize the idea that in any medical situation, patient data is readily available to the person concerned without the long and tedious processes that are the current normal.


Everyone has at some point experienced the hustle that comes with trying to get medical records from hospitals. We endeavor to offer you a platform through the Afya Gateway App where all this information can be stored and only shared with your consent to medical facilities of your choice. All this at the click of a button.

Meet the PDX Team

James Ndegwa

James has over 16 years experience working for companies focused on leveraging technology to deliver business value across Africa. Having had prior roles as...

Philip Kibunja

Philip has over 20 years experience in the Finance space. He’s a certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has worked for several Pan African companies...

Paul Maina

Paul has 18 years developing web-based applications and managing cloud infrastructure for international organizations. As a Full Stack developer (PHP, .NET, C#, SQL), he

Who we link you to

Medical Specialists

By fostering collaborative efforts among hospitals and clinics, PDX is ensuring reduced health costs. There is no longer need for repetitive laboratory tests and consults. It has also greatly reduced duplicative consults.

Health Insuarance Agents

We work closely with Bima Intermediaries Association of Kenya (BIAK) to help drive value directly to the patients through their preferred agents.

Nearest Phamacies

By partnering with strategic pharmaceutical distributors, we provide you with quality, certified generic drugs. This will reduce the cost of prescriptions in addition to making them available through an enhanced supply chain.

Home Nursing Services

PDX has partnered with various nursing homes especially in underserved communities to provide details of facilities providing care to the elderly.

Nearest Hospitals

Find a comprehensive list of hospitals closest to you complete with summary reviews from other patients like you making your decision making that much easier

We help more than 2,000 global clients

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